Horse racing is truly a fancy sport and owning a race horse can be awesome. Looking after one can be a nice hobby and they can be a great source of wealth. However, when someone is new to the game it can be hard especially when buying a race horse. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when buying a race horse.

What are your objectives?

People by race horses for many purposes and knowing what you want to do with the horse can give you a good idea of what to look for. Buying a horse can have two objectives which are to resell or to race. When you are getting a horse to sell you need to pay special attention to their age and training. When buying a horse to explicitly sell then you need to pay attention to their training, experience and health.

Pedigree or history of the horse

Good horses breed good horses. When it comes to the performance in the field nothing can measure up to good genes so if you’re looking for a race horse for sale Australia pay close attention to its parents and you can have a good idea. This is one of the most important things to look for. Aside from that, if you’re buying an older horse with more experience look into their past and see their performances. Paying attention to these are usually a good place to start.

How it looks

If a horse is to be a good racer it needs to be healthy and a horse’s finest conformation or outward looks are a good sign of how healthy they are. First, pay attention to their bone structure because this is something that cannot be changed. Make sure that everything is in proper proportion and make sure to look from every angle. Apart from that their muscle tone is also a big sign of their health. Pay special attention to their back legs because this is where the power comes from.


A horses training and racing can be pretty stressful for everyone involved including the horse so it’s important to get a horse that is calm, to begin with. This will ensure that they will be easier to train and will stay focused during races and they will conserve energy. A calm horse is always the way to go.Buying a race horse can be a big deal. If you pay attention to these things you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Gianluca Gutierrez