When we think of massages, we think of relaxation and stress reduction. But there’s actually more to a massage than its obvious benefits. Athletes, especially, have more to gain from having a thorough massage from a sports clinic before and after a competition or event. They’re the perfect remedy for many problems in the body, as well as a great deterrent to any unwanted injuries in the future.Check out this list of benefits a massage can give to athletes:

Reduces Muscle Tension

Lactic acid builds up in the muscle when you use it for too long without enough breaks, causing to feel a burning sensation. A good remedial sport massage in South Yarra can remove this from your body, along with other toxins that could buildup over time without you noticing. Any athlete will perform better after their muscles are given a fresh restart.

Stimulates The Nervous System

Applying pressure to the right areas on the body stimulates the nerves, which sends signals to the brain. The brain then releases neurotransmitters and feel good hormones that reduce pain, rejuvenate the senses, increase mental ability, and relax tensed muscles. Anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from a South Yarra physio therapeutic session that suits their needs.

Improves Quality Of Sleep

A stimulated nervous system can also help an athlete sleep better. When the right signals are sent to the brain, hormones may be released to enhance relaxation and drowsiness, which can help an athlete get enough sleep before and after a major tournament.

Improves Blood Circulation

Massages can do wonders for an athlete’s blood circulation. With constant kneading, blood can flow more easily throughout the body and back to the heart where it gets oxygenated. This allows an athlete to perform without complications in any task, and to breathe through any exercise with ease.

Helps Drain The Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are found all throughout the body in various locations, and they usually appear in groups. Their job is to rid your body of toxins that could harm the organ systems. They usually swell when you’re struck with a sickness such as colds or a high fever. A massage can help drain the lymph nodes from all the leftover toxins, so it can work more efficiently when the need arises.

Helps Prevent Injuries

Massages also help an athlete gain more flexibility in their muscles, which allows them to do more than they could before. Any sport is played better with a flexible body, so if you need the extra stretching prowess for an upcoming competition, getting a good massage can help take you there.

Gianluca Gutierrez