What is the first image that comes to your mind with the words ‘bike tour’? You are probably already imagining hundreds of professional cyclists riding up a mountain in their tight suits – but that is not the only type of bike tour, and certainly not all tours are competitive races. In fact, bike tours can be a vacation option, just like backpacking or camping. They can be long distance, travelling all around Europe, or they can be short distance, just travelling in between a few cities at most. There are plenty of choices when it comes to taking out a bicycle and travelling the world, and it is definitely an experience you should have at least once in your lifetime. If you are intrigued enough, continue on below for some of the best reasons why you need to go away on a tour this coming vacation:

  • It is exercise, pure and simple – the biggest reason why cycling vacations have become so popular even amongst amateur cyclists is because they provide you with a healthy dose of exercise daily. You might have heard of this, but riding a bicycle is one of the most effective types of workout you can ever have, and yet, it is as low impact as possible – even individuals with injuries can often ride bicycles with no issues. Riding a bicycle sees your entire body’s muscles being used, but it does not put as much of a strain on the body as running or other activities.
  • It is relaxation and de-stress – if you have seen any professional Letape Australia cycling tours, such as the previous cycling spring classics 2018, you might not be very inclined to believe that cycling tours can relax your mind and soul. But as was mentioned at the very beginning, professional cycling tours and amateur cycling tours are very different; the latter does not have an emphasis on competition, and favours riding at one’s own pace and leisure. If you think about what exactly this entails, the fact that cycling can relax you is no surprise – you simply ride your bicycle alongside nature and human civilization for miles and miles, taking in the beauty around you without having to worry about other issues or problems in your life. Relaxing, is it not?
  • Lets you get away from the digital realm – no matter what professional sector you work in, you probably have to keep track of your e-mails, social media and other details on your electronic devices. Of course, the presence of such electronic devices and the internet has greatly eased the life of the average individual, but one also has to agree with the fact that there is a quasi-addiction to these amenities nowadays. A chance to not look at your phone for hours, or even days, and to forget about your attachments to the world is rare to come by, but it can be very helpful when it does.

Gianluca Gutierrez